The Sfinx is the Riddle

I knew right away that I had to get the We Love Role-Play release from 22769. I have always had a thing for sfinxes and while a Grecian sfinx does not look precisely like a Valyrian sfinx (rather than having a lion’s body, they have a dragon’s body and probably more prominent wings), the black version gets close enough. This particular sfinx could of course not be sitting in Valyria proper since the landscape is all wrong for that (but wouldn’t the smoking ruins of Valyria make for a fabulous sim?), but perhaps it was carried off after the Doom and placed here to guard something special.

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The sfinx is also available in a classic pale marble and a copper version. My only regret is that it doesn’t come with a mirrored twin, so I could have a pair of guardians flanking this entrance.

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I love the chain detailing on the Circe gown from Senzafine and the scaling pattern on the bodice. It has a very warlike feel for a gown. To match it, I just had to head off to the Hair Fair and pick up the Chained hair from Bliensen + MaiTai.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Simone, Mayfly eyes
Skin: PXL Heidi Pale
Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai Chained (Hair Fair)
Clothes: Senzafine Circe (We Love Role-Play)
Decor: 22769 Sfinx Statue Black Marble (We Love Role-Play)

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