Skin Fair: Kirsten by Adam n Eve

Mesh heads are generally Not My Thing. Or rather, I don’t mind playing dress-up now and then, so I sort a mesh head into the same category as elf ears or a drow skin; they can be cool to create a look around, but they’re not what I like to wear on a regular basis. However, as a result of nagging sachi Vixen to make new skins for Adam n Eve now and then, I’ve found myself with the Jessica head from Catwa. Because I am not very familiar with mesh heads (though I do have the Slink heads as well), I won’t be offering an in-depth review of the head, just showing how it can look with the Kirsten applier which is available at the Skin Fair as well as in the Adam n Eve mainstore. What I will look more closely at, however, is a new eye gadget from Damien Fate.

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But first, a look at this gorgeous special spring edition of the Nina outfit from Aisling, which is currently available at their mainstore as a Midnight Mania. If you wear Maitreya Lara or either Slink Physique body, you don’t want to miss this gorgeously fitted outfit.

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And here we have Kirsten, a quite young and fresh face. The basic applier includes various options such as blush, moles and freckles as well as some eye makeup choices and matte or glossy lips natural lips. The pinker lips seen here are available in a separate lipstick applier and you can also buy additional eye makeups separately.

You may not that my eyes are just ever so slightly off to one side. This is not because I didn’t manage to find the right spot to click on; fortunately, I haven’t had to struggle with that for years after finding AnyPose on the Marketplace. However, it is not done by AnyPose either, but through the new Eye Poser from Damien Fate.

Why, might you say, would you need anything other than AnyPose? Well, the Eye Poser is a nice, small HUD (though I could still have used a way to collapse it even further) that doesn’t have any of the by-now rather useless extras of AnyPose such as access to the default SL expressions and hand positions (which really don’t cut it these days). But what sold me on it was the ability to do very, very subtle shifts of the eyes, rather than relying on preset positions. On AnyPose, I never used anything but the dead centre position. On this HUD, I can see myself playing around with subtle shifts. Plus, you can actually control each eye independently if you want to.

My only quibble would be that it is actually a tiny bit tricky to get the eyes dead centre. The Reset button does place the cross-hairs in the middle, but then you have to manage to click exactly the right pixel to lock the eyes there.

My hair is another find from elikatira’s sale, a style called Nura, and I am using poses from Black Tulip’s Lost in the Woods set.

1. Yay! The Kirsten Skin…

Yay! The Kirsten Skin looks super cute on you. <3 Kirsten

Posted on Mar 30 2016 at 23:12 CET by Kirsten Corleone
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