A Simple Life

Roleplay-oriented gowns in Second Life are quite often on the fancier side, suitable for the ladies of the realm. But sometimes you want to portray other sides of the story and fortunately Senzafine has a new gown out at Genre‘s Medieval round (which is awesome in general) which is perfect for that purpose. Feel like playing Cinderella before she found her prince? Now you have the right dress for the occasion. And if you visit We Love Role-Play, you can pick up a great oven and cookware set from Noble Creations so that you can get your work done too.

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The “Ye Olde Medieval set” from Noble Creations is an excellent piece of low-prim furniture for a rustic home, with a wood-fired stove and various pots and pans.

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The Mairead dress from Senzafine is a simply-cut dress of slightly rougher fabric which also shows mudstains around the hem and a faint layer of dirt elsewhere. It comes in seven mesh sizes, the usual five standard sizes and two extra variations.

My hair is from elikatira’s current 75L sale and I am once again wearing Tuli’s Skin Fair release, Iris, this time in T2.

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