Dungeon Crawler

It is the nature of the beast, but with so many events running all the time, you often end up focusing on an event just for a few days after it opens. But of course, if you want some lag free, pleasant shopping, you really want to go there after a week or so if it is a very popular event. For example, We Love Role-Play should be great to visit right now and Skin Fair is probably quite good too, especially since the script limits have been dropped.

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This Lara Croft-ish outfit from aisling is available at WLRP. Though designed as a full set, the Nevah top & panties can be worn without the Nery straps, or vice versa. The top and panties in particular are nice staples to have around to combine with other items, especially as all the pieces are HUD controlled and offer a variety of colours for fabric, leather and buckles.

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The set includes sizes for Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique as well as Slink Physique Hourglass and the straps come both as rigged and unrigged.

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My skin is the second of two new female faces for standard avatars from Adam n Eve for the Skin Fair. Rebecca feels a bit more mature than Julia and I particularly like her lips and her nose shading, which makes for a really interesting face. She comes in six tones and each purchase includes the base skin with five brow options (including no brow). Slink and Omega body appliers are sold separately.

The tattoo is the Sun Goddess tattoo by Sn@tch, also for the Skin Fair. It comes as an Omega applier (or regular tattoo layers) in a variety of colours.

Finally, a have to once again express how baffled I am that not more people are doing materials on their hair. Just look at how gorgeous the Laila hair from Mina looks when lit by the torch. It really makes quite a difference.

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