Lunar Goddess

This weekend I went on a bit of a shopping spree as a reward for a busy week, but I may just have given myself even more to do. I have been eyeing some of the building sets from Jammin for quite some time and when the new Dungeon Construction set came out, I took the plunge. What you’re seeing in these photos is a tiny bit of one of the example builds included with this set, but expect to see a lot more once I actually manage to put something together. Lets just say visualising things in 3D isn’t my strong suit!

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The Lunar Crown and Lunar Staff are part of Jian’s Aditi set for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens on the 6th. The set also includes Solar, Crystal and Earth sets, each with beautiful animated textures.

The gown is an earlier gacha from Junbug called Artemisia.

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The hair is Amanda from Wasabi Pills, this round’s FaMESHed release. The skin is once again Tuli’s Maya, this time in the palest tone and with no makeup layers applied.

Since it might be awhile before my build with the various Jammin sets is done and I do more photos, I should say a few more words about the Dungeon Construction set. As with all Jammin products, it comes in a copy/mod and a copy/mod/trans version. I opted for the less expensive copy/mod set (the fullperm set is twice the cost, which I’d say is very reasonable) since I don’t expect to be able to put together anything sufficiently modified to be able to sell it. Other than not being transfer, the copy/mod set also lacks the separate shadow maps for making your own textures. However, you do get various texture options included and they are also quite tintable, allowing for a variety of looks. In terms of mesh pieces, the set comes with a total of 42 different components, as well as 13 pre-built linked structures. If you just want to add a quick dungeon to a build, its likely you can get quite far with the pre-built structures. They are also a good way of learning how to put together your own structures. At least, that’s the theory! I also picked up the Terrace & Steps set and the Pillars & Arches set, so we will see what this results in after I get more familiar with it. One thing is clear, at least: these sets are beautifully modelled and textures, with excellent use of advanced materials, so even I should be able to make it look pretty.

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