Skin Fair 2015: Imabee

Two more days and Skin Fair 2015 will open its doors. The second skin that I am featuring is from Imabee, whose new face Imogen will be launched at the fair. In this post you will also see new horns from the Plastik and some adorable fluttery critters from Dysfunctional Designs.

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Imogen follows the style of the previous Imabee skins in being quite subtly shaded and somewhat…ethereal in its beauty. I think they are particularly strong in the paler tones which is why I was happy to see that this face will be released in a new tone, Apical, which matches the pale tone previously available only for one of the special releases. There will be a total of three tones available (Petal and Stigmata being the other two) and each will sell for L$999. For that you get the base skin with and without brows and with and without freckles, plus tattoo layers for additional brows and a total of 15 lipsticks. You also get a selection of appliers, including Slink Physique and Slink hands & feet. The cleavage option is available both as a tattoo for regular bodies and as part of the applier for Slink Physique.

The eyeshadow is the Lustra soft eyeliner in purple from elymode, just a small taste of the selection of makeup tattos that the brand is releasing for Skin Fair, which includes some for the Slink Visage mesh heads as well.

The horns I am wearing are the Vi horns from the Plastik for We Love Role-Play which come with and without cords and with a hud for changing the colour of the cords. They come in 30 base colours and they are also moddable if you’d like to do some tinting or resizing. You can also choose to wear different colours on each side if you so choose since they are two separate pieces, making it much easier to get them to play nice with different hairstyles.

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Imogen is not just a new face but she also has a new body. It is quite similar to the previous Imabee body but the shading has been cleaned up quite a bit and made more consistent overall. The front of the body also looks a bit more highlighted. It is on the whole a very nice improvement, though I must say the breast shading appears a little fuller and I would have loved a dehance option to go with the push-up option.

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The backside of the skin also shows the smoother, cleaner shading, not the least on the bottom.

And if you’re wondering why there’s a cute little dragonfly fluttering about around me, it is because Dysfunctional Designs released these for last week’s Fifty Linden Friday. You rez one at a time out, set the radius and select one of several colours and you have a charming addition to any garden.

I am also using the Khan’s Keep skybox from Dysfunctional Designs again (this is the view from the balcony) and the hair is Five from Analog Dog.

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