Waiting For My Prince

The Fairytale Tower pose prop from Exposeur was another find at the One Word event. I actually used it as the setting for my previous post too, setting up a throne in the inner room of the tower, but of course it needed its own post too. The prop includes five single poses (and mirrors of each) as well as three couple poses. The single poses are my favourites, each capturing a classic “princess in a tower” pose. The couple poses also capture a very fairy-tale like feel, especially the one which has the dashing prince climbing over the railing to steal a kiss, but as with all couple poses they can be a bit fiddly if your avatars aren’t of the expected sizes. The tower itself actually makes for a very nice decorative structure as well; I can definitely see having this out permanently, perhaps with some trees and other landscaping around.

Click for full-sized image

The gown I am wearing is Luminary’s contribution to the upcoming round of We Love Role-Play. Inara is a sleek, two-toned gown without sleeves and with a separate rigged mesh belt. There’s a subtle pattern on the outer layer and a nice shine to the cloth beneath. The belt made me think Viking gowns and so I dug out the Freya hair from Calico. I am also wearing the Helena skin from Tuli.

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