At the moment I have a bit of a craving for poses and for landscaping items. I indulged the former today when I visited the One Word event for their Fairytale round, picking up new releases from oOo Studios and Exposeur. And, because the oOo Studios set is made for big gowns, I went at grabbed Giulia from the Muses from the Marketplace.

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The Majesty pose set from oOo Studios is made for sitting down in big gowns, a task that even with mesh can be fraught with some difficulty in Second Life. The nature of how gowns have to be rigged means that you can get some rather unrealistic wrinkling of the garments with most general sit poses. These poses, however, do a fine job of avoiding most such issues and leaves you looking for majestic indeed. Since I blog a lot of gowns, they are a great option to just standing around and showing off your finery.

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The Giulia gown is a two-layered gown with an underdress and an overdress and a HUD that allows you to control each independent of the other. As with all recent releases from the Muses it is essentially a fatpack in one gown; you get 12 colours for the underdress and 12 colours for the overdress. This gives you a lot of options and makes it very competitively priced at L$495.

I really like the style of the gown and the split in the back and the front to show off the underdress is very effective. I would have liked to see a bit more polish to the edge of the neckline; it comes out looking a little unfinished. There’s also some texture-stretching issues on the bodice and the shoulders, though it is hard to avoid with a rich pattern.

The throne is by Dysfunctional Designs and I am wearing skin by Imabee (Calaerneth) and hair by Calico (Pearl). Finally, the dramatic crown is from the Shynila gacha set by aisling for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. This is one of the rare pieces, greatly customisable with a HUD.

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