Arabian Nights

Its Midsummer here today, but for my blogging I am abandoning Swedish traditions and heading out into the desert courtesy of the latest round of Genre - Arabia. I also added in a dash of Totally Top Shelf, a new event where the first round is inspired by Greek mythology.

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From Dysfunctional Designs comes the Bedouin Tent which is amazing value for money at L$100. Its well-made and comes with a large number of texture options and cloth styles.

The furnishings inside are from On a Lark and Sweet Poison - you get a whole set of couches and tables, again for just L$100 and again with some texture changing options. It couldn’t get much better, really.

Peeking out from beneath my dress are the Scheherazade slippers from Bliensen + MaiTai. I just love having so many options for my Slink flat feet these days, it means I rarely need to change feet since they’re my default.

All the above pieces are available at Genre.

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My dress is from Stitched for Totally Top Shelf. The demo included one dress made partially transparent so I followed that suggestion and modified the dress to about 15% transparency for that very thin linen look. There’s a cloak available at the event as well which I may have to pick up, for the full Grecian feel.

My eyemakeup is Safira from Senzafine, which is a liner combined with an eyeshadow. It is available at Genre in two packs, a warm and a cool. The henna from Jalwa is also available at Genre and as you can see it includes appliers for Slink hands, allowing for very nice detail indeed on the hands.

The final event release worn is the Bedouin Sands jewellery (nose ring and earrings) from AZE.

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I couldn’t resist finishing off with a shot showing one of the poses on the couch and as it happened it worked better nude than with a dress on. Fancy that. ;)

My skin is PXLs Faith and my hair is Aeris from Analog Dog, one of those gorgeous curly styles Queue Marlowe does so well.

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