Both the Fantasy Faire and Enchantment are still going strong so it is time for another little event cross-over. It seemed to me that the Enchantment releases from HopScotch and Lark would make a fine pairing with Alia Baroque’s RFL release for Fantasy Faire from Fallen Gods.

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100 years of sleep is the pose prop released by HopScotch for Enchantment. This is the in-store release which includes one of the stamp cards that you need to access the prize releases from the event. The prop includes 6 poses showing different stages of Sleeping Beauty’s fateful encounter with the spindle.

The stories don’t talk about her turning to stone during her enchanted sleep, but this is a common enough motif in other cases of enchanted sleep, which is why I thought of using Lacrimosa, the gorgeous stone skin from Fallen Gods. There are four variants of the skin for both male and female avatars, with the Weeping one (seen here) sold as an RFL item and the other as regular releases. The skins come in a regular and a PG version and there are appliers for Slink hands and feet as well as mesh breasts.

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The roses that I added for the second photo are from Lark for Enchantment. The arm vines are the in-store release and the face mask is the stamp card prize. The arm vines are rigged and come in standard sizes.

From Fantasy Faire comes the hair from Wasabi Pills (Luna, here in Ash) and the lovely Annette gown from Luminary. I love the simplistic elegance of this gown, which really highlights the fine details, such as the laces at the side and the excellent use of materials.

Fantasy Faire ends on the 11th, so make sure to get your visits in soon if you haven’t already. And don’t miss the hunts and the silent auction!

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