Just One More…

Aisling is a brand I have come to notice quite recently and the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival has ensured I won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon. Trying to complete the Gaia and Faranth set has been a source of some frustration for me the last week and I am still without the ultra rare crowns. However, I really wanted to showcase these gorgeous jewellery sets, so today I am wearing Gaia, minus the crown. I am also wearing the Tiernan belt, which is one of Aisling’s releases fro We Love Role-Play and I think it goes very well with the Gaia set.

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I decided to make some more use of the wonderful La Signora della Pazienza cage from Dutchie and Rustica as well as the 1001 Nights photostage from chanimations.

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The Gaia set consists of the necklace, earrings, hand ornaments and bracers, plus of course the ultra rare crown which you’re not seeing here. The necklace is a rare piece and also quite difficult to get a hold of. In addition to that the set is available in three metals - gold, silver and black—so you could be spending quite a while with that gatcha if you wanted it all.

The necklace comes with a hud for colour changing whereas the other pieces are click to change. You get several options for the gems, the strands of pearls and the leaves, allowing for some very vibrant combinations.

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The back of the the necklace features these sweeping, elegant shapes, very organic in their style. It makes it quite the statement piece. The Tiernan belt is beautifully fitted to the avatar and really accentuates the hips in a lovely way.

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A closer look at the necklace and the earrings. These really are quite stunning gatcha prizes.

My hair is Exile’s Dream of Paradise, which probably is one of my all-time favourite hairs at the moment, and I am wearing Tuli’s lovely Tanya skin. I ended up using a mix of poses from Luth rather than the built-in animations in the cage since we needed to be able to frame the shots more deliberately than is possible with an animation.

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