Gowns Galore

We Love Role-Play continues to provide yet more gorgeous gowns and accessories. This time, the gown is courtesy of Senzafine and the headpiece is by On a Lark. The jewellery also comes with cuffs and the whole set is matched to a dress from On a Lark, also available at the event. The Solveig gown from Senzafine is available in four colours (including the Garnet seen to the right) at We Love Role-Play and in an additional set of colours (including the Indigo seen to the left) at her mainstore. The gown consists of a sleeveless undergown and the sleeved overgown with the bands across the chest. This allows for two very different looks in the same gown.

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I wanted to focus on a particular aspect of this gown. You may have noticed that it uses the same mesh as the gown from the Plastik that I used in my previous review. I think this illustrates very clearly how those who are skilled at texturing—such as Synjari Myriam of Senzafine and Aikea Rieko of the Plastik—can each make the same mesh into their own gowns. There’s no question for me that these gowns come across as very different stylistically, all accomplished through the use of texture and colour. That is why I personally do not see all the problems that some people have with mesh templates. Yes, no doubt there are mesh templates used to create very basic garments, with little emphasis on the textures. But there are also creators out there who are really good at creating beautiful and unique textures and in their hands mesh templates can turn into very lovely pieces.

As far as the rest of the look goes, I am also wearing one of the new hairs from Exile, Perfect Promise, and I really can’t say enough about how wonderful the Naturals pack from Exiles is or how great the styles that Kavar Cleanslate have been putting out recently are. My skin is once again Alana from the Skin Shop, one of my favourites. Oh, and on my feet you can glimpse the dark glass slippers from Deviance, one of her rares for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival.

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