For a while, mesh made it very hard to find nice clothing for roleplay looks. This has all changed rather drastically in the last few months and now there are several stores producing high quality roleplay-oriented clothing in mesh. And, of course, there’s the We Love Role-Play event, which is a great way of getting familiar with both established and new designers within the field.

This month’s lineup includes three outfits from FATEplay, Damien Fate’s latest venture. Some of the outfits made their debut during the Fantasy Faire, but they have been updated since then and now feature materials. I thought that made the Wende dress a nice match for the poet shirt from bastard (Maxwell Graf’s new male clothing line) since that one also utilizes materials.

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The Wende dress is a three-piece mesh ensemble consisting of skirt, bodice and shirt. The shirt comes in two sleeve variations so that it will work with a wider range of poses. The dress can be worn without the shirt as well; alphas are included for both the sleeved and sleeveless look.

The use of materials on this outfit is truly stunning; the gold belt glitters as light plays across it and there’s a lovely sheen of satin on the shirt.

The linen poet shirt also uses materials, but the effect is more subtle, to fit the type of material that it is emulating. I think this really illustrates how two different creators have both used materials in a very appropriate way and by doing so managed to really sell just what type of material their outfits are supposed to be made of.

The poet shirt is available in linen, knit, scale and studded leather options; I am hoping there’ll be more following in the future, and other clothing to go with it, because while mesh roleplay clothing for women is becoming readily available, it is a different story for men.

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I had to show the back of the Wende dress as well, to point out the gorgeously modelled lacings. That’s attention to details.

I also love the back of the Sarah hair from Wasabi Pills, it has a lovely sense of lightness and movement. When mesh is done that well, I don’t miss moving flexis at all. I just wish there were more long mesh hairs for men; most styles aren’t very unisex and the fitting issues that come with mesh means that buying women’s hair no longer works as well as it did for the older Analog Dog hair that he wears.

In addition to the gown, I am wearing the Lion’s Paw jewellery set from lassitude & ennui and we’re both wearing boots from lassitude & ennui. My skin is Siobhan from Adam n Eve and Ran’s is Adam Crius from the Abyss. The photos were taken on the Goatswood sim.

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