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Finder Ends - Long Live Finder

Recent news on the Internet is that Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder is coming to a close—at least when it comes to printing single issues. The singles, according to McNeil, have acted as a "loss leader" for the trades, where the real profit has proved to be. The single issues had become a signficant enough money-eater that McNeil has decided to turn Finder into a free webcomic.

Finder is one of those fascinating, hard-to-describe comics coming out of the self-publishing world. It’s basically anthropological SF (though McNeil prefers "aboriginal SF"), where the main character really is the unique secondary world she’s created; whiz-bang science rubs shoulders with stuff that comes off like low-grade magic (the far-future society is far enough along that Clarke’s Law is in effect), and the cultures shaped by these dichotimies are compuslively interesting to read about. She’s worked out a setting that gives the sense of a great deal of depth, and each issue reveals something new about it. The focus characters change regularly, although there is one character who shows up in pretty much every arc, and who has been the focus of a few of them.

The first trade is titled Sin Eater, and if you like anthropological SF, or richly-textured comics in the same vein as Gaiman’s Sandman, give it a try.

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