A Last Romp

The current round of Romp ends tomorrow, so I wanted to squeeze in a look at two things from the event—a furniture set from Roawenwood and a pair of stockings from Luxuria. The furniture has poses for two and three avatars at once as well, but I didn’t have any extra bodies handy for these photos. The idea is that it is a “kennel” bed set (for girls, not dogs, even if my dogs would have liked the lower bed!) with solo animations that include various lays, a set of tasks (knitting, sewing, embroidering) and a set of beauty routine animations. The work animations auto-rez and attach props, but the beauty ones don’t, which I am not sure whether that is intentional or a glitch. There is also a “sisters” menu for two avatars, with hairbrushing and gossping, an adult menu for two female avatars, and a threesome menu (two females, one male) with cuddles and sex. The style of the set is pretty versatile, here I have it in a fairly rustic setting but I could see this kind of wood finish in a more modern room too.

Luxuria’s Heaven Thigh Highs (the writing on the back reads “this way to heaven”), which includes both appliers and system layers, comes in eight colours for easy matching with lingerie—or with nothing at all. ;)

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Caribbean Blue

To take in that beautiful evening sun, I am heading out to sea on Neptune’s Revenge by Rustica and wearing the brand-new Sola set from Adam n Eve for the Gacha Garden. Isn’t it pretty with the beaded strings on the top and the panty as well as the cute little sarong tied off to one side? The Sola gacha includes 10 commons (3 footbead sets, 4 sarongs, 3 slushies with holding animation), 5 uncommons (1 pair of sunglasses with steel rims, 4 bikini sets), 4 rares (colour-coordinated fatpacks that include footbeads, sarong, bikini and sunglasses with gold rims) and finally an ultrarare that includes everything plus the sunglasses with rose-gold rims. The Seed of Inspiration is a matching beaded bracelet. The available fits are Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass.

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Fantasy Faire 2018: This is Not the End

No, indeed, it is not. Fantasy Faire 2018 was supposed to end today, but the Fairelands will now be around until May 7th. Official programming will still end today, but you will be able to continue shopping, exploring, doing the quest and of course donating to RFL. I will be gone for a couple of days myself and when I come back I do have some non-Fantasy Faire blogging lined up, but I hope to show a few more favourites before the 7th.

To celebrate that today is not the end, both Ran and I went shopping at Silvan Moon Designs, picking up a nice set of RFL retexturings of a pair of her outfits which we both paired with Wasabi hairs. I also added a jewelery set from Acios and used the Mythril Roleplay HUD for the bow and the curtsey. The house and the furniture set are from Rustica.

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Piratical Ambitions

When I first tried posting this entry, we ran into some persistent uploading issues on the site. As a result, I am posting this well after I already put up the images on Flickr, and more as a place-holder than an actual blog.

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Helping One of Our Own

Over the weekend, while I was off at a dog training camp, I was reached by the news that Maxwell Graf of Rustica has ended up in a dire housing situation in RL. He writes about what has happened here. Since Maxwell happens to be a fabulous creator, you can easily help him out by visiting the lovely Rustica sim or his Marketplace store and buying one of his excellent creations. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Two of my favourite creations from Maxwell are shown below and those of you who have followed my blog for a while have no doubt seen them used in a number of photos. Neptune’s Revenge is a gorgeous pirate/fantasy ship and although not mesh, the Carriageway House is a great build. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be for sale any longer, but there are some other houses available both in the Marketplace store and on the sim.

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Pirate Girl

For some reason, I had the hardest time getting this photo sorted out. I don’t know how many different locations and backdrops I tried before finally deciding to slip into this new dress from the Muses and all of a sudden getting the idea that it looked a bit pirate-y. The tattoos from Silentsparrow (for this past 50 Linden Friday) may not be classical pirate tattoos exactly, but why be limited by that? I am also giving you a second look at one of Adam n Eve’s Skin Fair exclusives, subtly made up with some makeup from alaskametro.

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Neptune’s Revenge

There is something oh so romantic and adventurous about an old-fashioned sailing ship (especially if it comes with a dashing pirate captain included, but I digress…) and I have always wanted a nice ship in Second Life. Not so much for sailing (though Ran used to like to do a bit of that), but it can make for a lovely place to admire a virtual sunset from. No surprise, then, that I have following Maxwell Graf’s work on his mesh ship with interest. It has, as I also mention in the video (yes, there’s one of those), been quite a long process, but now Neptune’s Revenge is finally complete and out at Rustica and on the marketplace. And she’s a beauty, as I hope I have managed to show in both the photos and the video.

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Treasure Chest Unboxing October 2016

The first Treasure Chest is here and I’ve got a long unboxing video for you. I did plenty of talking in the video, so I won’t make this post too lengthy, other than to say that I am following it up with credits for what Ran and I are wearing initially as well as with photo of my initial outfit. I am not giving separate credits for all of the Treasure Chest items since I go through those in detail in the video. Plus, you can also check out the Treasure Chest website and see all the designers and their items there.

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Curved Lines

I have to say, the Marylebone Flat from Barnesworth Anubis has inspired me to play around quite a bit with different furnishings. It is a really interesting space which works very nicely for a lot of pieces I’ve wanted to cover for a while. So, in addition to some sexy upcoming lingerie from Alaskametro, a cool necklace from the Plastik and new hair from Wasabi Pills, this post also features furniture from Rustica and Noble Creations.

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Cheeky Ophelia

Luxuria has a naughty little number coming out tomorrow for 50 Linden Friday that you’re getting a preview of from me today. I’ve been in a shape-making mood since the release of Slink Physique Hourglass, and this outfit turned out to be just right for showing off a curvier shape made for the regular Slink Physique body. I am hoping to have it and a couple of other shapes (including some for the Hourglass body) up at my Marketplace store later today.

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Loyal Companions

It is drawing near to that time of the year when Second Life is invaded by pumpkins, ghosts and assorted frightful things. The TAG! Gacha would appear to be fully embracing Halloween for its upcoming edition, which opens October 17th, and the same can (unsurprisingly) be said for the Wayward Halloween gacha.

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A girl can’t have too many thrones, can she? Especially not thrones with adult poses, but you’ll have to wait until another time to see those. That’s not to say this post is entirely decorous; oh no, Junbug‘s gown makes certain of that.

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A Dangerous Mesh

From The Mesh Project at The Shops comes the long-awaited beta of the male mesh avatar that they have been working on for quite awhile, according to all indications, and the fact that The Shops! have been jam-packed since the release a few days ago suggests that they’ve come not a moment too soon. The Mesh Project’s male avatar is, I think, the first really serious attempt at a male avatar aimed at the widest possible market, including support for third-party appliers, complicated alpha setup, and more. Alongside the release of the body was the release of their male mesh head in five different variations, another much sought-after accessory, and no less than seven brand new male skins. For this review, however, I’m using a somewhat older skin, Prince from The Skin Shop (part of the The Shops! collective, who are known to have included the prolific designers behind some of SL’s most well-regarded brands over the years: Naughty, ARMIDI,and Abyss.)

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Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Two

Time for another of those portraits inspired by The World of Ice and Fire. Both Ran and I are big fans of Dorne and we were absolutely thrilled that GRRM wrote so much about the region for the book. In particular, the story of how Nymeria led her people to Dorne and joined forces with Mors Martell made us squeal with excitement when we first read that part of the manuscript. So, of course I had to do an interpretation of Nymeria. There are a couple of great pieces of art in the book showing her as well, though in this case I didn’t really look at any of those.

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Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part One

I’ve been a very absent blogger these last two weeks, apologies! It has been quite a hectic month and somewhere along the line, my photo ideas seem to have been misplaced. But for the last week or so, I’ve been toying with a themed series of shots and after a few false starts (trying to find appropriate prefabs proved to be a bust) I think I know how to do them. The basic idea? Portraits of various characters that appear in The World of Ice and Fire, the book that Ran and I released together with George R.R. Martin exactly a month ago.

So, this is the first such portrait, showing Rhaenyra Targaryen, one of the two siblings who fought over the Iron Throne in the Dance of the Dragons. This portrait is showing her towards the end of her life, not long before she will be devoured by her half-brother’s dragon, Sunfyre. She wears a rich, but more modest gown and several pregnancies has left her plumper than in her youth.

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