Fantasy Faire 2018: This is Not the End

No, indeed, it is not. Fantasy Faire 2018 was supposed to end today, but the Fairelands will now be around until May 7th. Official programming will still end today, but you will be able to continue shopping, exploring, doing the quest and of course donating to RFL. I will be gone for a couple of days myself and when I come back I do have some non-Fantasy Faire blogging lined up, but I hope to show a few more favourites before the 7th.

To celebrate that today is not the end, both Ran and I went shopping at Silvan Moon Designs, picking up a nice set of RFL retexturings of a pair of her outfits which we both paired with Wasabi hairs. I also added a jewelery set from Acios and used the Mythril Roleplay HUD for the bow and the curtsey. The house and the furniture set are from Rustica.

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Ran wears the Golden Age Baroque Frock Coat together with the Assassin boots from lassitude & ennui. It really should have been worn with heeled and buckled shoes instead, but he hasn’t found any new ones for mesh feet.

One small issue with the outfit is that it comes with a pair of black socks that are system layer only. They are optional but you do need them if you want to wear shoes and not boots. However, he solved that with a pair of knee sock appliers from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). And once bakes on mesh show up it won’t be an issue at all.

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The matching Golden Age Baroque Gown is in a style that I would dearly love to see more of in SL; once fitted mesh took over from sculpts, big gowns fell out of favour a bit. But they can be done very well in fitted mesh too, though sitting in them is always hit and miss.

In fact, that is why the chess set from Dutchie is just sitting there on the table rather than being played; the animations were not made for a baroque ballgown. ;) But I will revisit the chess set soon, probably with a video.


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Vista Zoe, Mayfly eyes
Skin: alaskametro Kate Tone 3
Hair: Wasabi Angel (Uber)
Clothing: Silvan Moon Designs Golden Age Baroque Gown (Fantasy Faire)
Accessories: Acios Teleria Necklace & Earrings (Fantasy Faire)

On Ran:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet, Logo Logan
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sebastian
Hair: Wasabi Draco (Fantasy Faire)
Clothing: Silvan Moon Designs Golden Age Baroque Frock Coat (Fantasy Faire)

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