Courtly Intrigues

It is one of those rare occasions when Ran finally has something new to wear, this time courtesy of Anachron. He’s also got a nice new long hair from Calico, a Hair Fair release just like my veiled style from Oblivion, which is matched to a new gown from Luminary. In the background, curtains by Paper Moon provide a dash of colour.

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Dancing on the Sands

ieQED released the Octobra for The Fantasy Collective and after some digging in my inventory, I found a skirt from the Library (now rebranded as Figment) that kept me from going bottomless on the beach. I am also wearing other accessories by ieQED and shoes by Bushu.

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As soon as I put on the Dona gown from Luminary for the next round of The Fantasy Collective, I knew I had to do something inspired by Renaissance paintings. It isn’t just about the style being perfect, it is about how spot-on the drapery of the gown is. Those folds look like they came out of a painting!

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