Fairytale Couple

The collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida that began quite recently has now produced yet another lovely gown and, even more fabulously, an outfit for those of the male persuasion as well. Ran and I thought our avatars would make a rather fetching couple when dressed in these creations, and fortunately I had some couple poses by An Lar that wanted to see some use.

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Shine On

The latest release from Zaara, the Suhina sequin gown, is one of those pieces that just exudes elegance and glamour. There’s a simplicity to it which is balanced by the little details that really make it a stand-out gown; just look at the asymmetric waist and how well it goes with the slit at the bottom. And, of course, the icing on the cake is the use of materials. Just look at the way it catches the light.

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Mesh and Sale at Nomine

Nomine has a bunch more mesh releases out since a few weeks back, including this comfortably sexy sweater dress. Nomine also has a new store build and to celebrate that everything is currently set for sale at just L$100. This includes all the new mesh items as well as all the skins and anything else available in the store. You really don’t want to miss that.

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A Skin Sale

The Body Co is having a sale on their skins at the Warehouse. Only single skins are available and they run L$500 for one tone and one brow colour.  There are also add-on makeups for the female skins and add-on facial hair for the male skins. They may not be brand new skins, but these are definitely still some of the best skins in SL, with diverse and interesting faces and gorgeous, detailed bodies.

I am not wearing much else, but the lovely jewellery set is from the Muses and you get seven pieces in several metals to play with.

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