Fairytale Couple

The collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida that began quite recently has now produced yet another lovely gown and, even more fabulously, an outfit for those of the male persuasion as well. Ran and I thought our avatars would make a rather fetching couple when dressed in these creations, and fortunately I had some couple poses by An Lar that wanted to see some use.

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The Whistles gown, released at The Fantasy Collective, is a lovely Romanesque creation with a broad bronze belt and a bare back. The modelling and texturing of the drapery complement each other beautifully. Should you not wish to wear the whole gown, you also get the top and the skirt as separate pieces, for combining with other garments if so desired.

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The Jaled II outfit for men similarly offers some wearability options; you receive the whole outfit as a single piece as well as a stand-alone tunic. The only downside to the outfit, though this is a general issue with mesh pants, is that it can be rather difficult to find any footwear that works with it. Perhaps some designer might consider putting out “fake” boots; that is, just a lower part which can be made to look as if it is worn beneath the pants?

Other than this technicality, Jaled II is a very nice look. I really like the embroidery on the tunic and the soft leather look of the pants is very good as well.

Both poses are couple poses from An Lar, the first being Some Kind of Fairytale which is the event-exclusive prize for the soon-to-be-over Enchantment event. The second is Blood & Water, an earlier release. I am wearing hair by Calico (Marian) and Ran by Dura (Boys&Girls 48) and my skin is from Jalwa (Sameena in Coriander) and his is from the Body Co (Fox).

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