Demonic Drive

The demonic steed, eyes glowing, raced along the narrow gorge, past thick, thorny brambles that seemed to reach for both it and the carriage that it pulled. Suddenly, it reared up, neighing shrilly, as it found the path blocked by a massive tangle of brambles.

Seydr and En Pointe welcome you aboard a collaboration truly fit for the spookiest of all months.  The Midnight Ride carriage, available at the Engine Room, and the matching Midnight Rider harness from the Dog & Pony Show, will let you hitch up a Teeglepet and go for a wild ride. Add in the Theia Eye System from Seydr to make your steed look demonic enough for the role and pick up a suitable coat, such as the Draconic from Nocturne Skies, and your wild ride will be ready.

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Fantasy Faire 2023: Operatic

Opera is this year’s grand vision from Alia Baroque, a place of “baroque decadence, whispering curtains, bucolic debauchery”.  So, when I dressed up in a dramatic ensemble combining pieces from Petrichor, Find the Fish and Seydr, it was to Opera I went for a background to fit the mood.

Petrichor released a huge amount of different items for the Faire and here I am using both the Arvylinde dress and the Kyrkonen Veil. The latter kind of makes me think of the Vorlons of Babylon 5 and I love how it, together with the tattoo and the halo from Find the Fish, give a very priestess-like quality to my avatar. Adding an extra touch of magic are the Flayre Eye FX from Seydr, a kind of animated “eyeliner” that curls like smoke under your eyes. Beautiful effect.

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Fantasy Faire 2023: Szystrum Synod

Szystrum Synod is the fascinating creation of Walton Wainwright of [ContraptioN], an alien world inhabited by sentient machines that continue to exist long after the demise of their creators. Not only has he built a stunning sim, he has also conceived of a backstory for the world and details about its inhabitants which you can read here. A worldbuilder in all senses of the word.

I am wearing a full avatar from Somnium representing one of the seven houses of Szystrum Synod. I picked the House of Testament, the house of remembrance and history.  The avatars have four arms, two that work as regular arms and two that can be posed using presets or the pose creator in the Black Dragon viewer. In addition to the avatar I am wearing the Astrocartograph Aura by Seydr and using a pose from Astalianda’s Intrigue set. The Astrocartograph Aura is animated, cycling through different hues and showing an astrological map from the perspective of Earth with orbiting comets.

Do not miss the chance to explore Szystrum Synod while the Faire lasts.

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Fantasy Faire 2022: Becoming Destiny

Verdandi is the “middle sister” of the Norns in Norse mythology, her domain is the present and her name essentially means “that which is happening/becoming”. It is also the name of the beautiful makeup set from Seydr for the Fantasy Faire that I am wearing for this post. There’s no Norse-inspired Faireland this year, but between that makeup and the Norse Warrior tack set from Cheval D’or, a Vikingesque post was inevitable. Fortunately, I have a beautiful snowy landscape all of my own. By no means as spectacular as a Faireland, but I think it served these photos well.

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