Demonic Drive

The demonic steed, eyes glowing, raced along the narrow gorge, past thick, thorny brambles that seemed to reach for both it and the carriage that it pulled. Suddenly, it reared up, neighing shrilly, as it found the path blocked by a massive tangle of brambles.

Seydr and En Pointe welcome you aboard a collaboration truly fit for the spookiest of all months.  The Midnight Ride carriage, available at the Engine Room, and the matching Midnight Rider harness from the Dog & Pony Show, will let you hitch up a Teeglepet and go for a wild ride. Add in the Theia Eye System from Seydr to make your steed look demonic enough for the role and pick up a suitable coat, such as the Draconic from Nocturne Skies, and your wild ride will be ready.

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When you purchase the Midnight Ride, you get a scripted version and a decor version (the latter will still open and close the doors and seat passengers and a driver). The scripted version can be used with any horse brand or breed, though if you want to use the matching harness that is currently only available for certain Teeglepets.

To use the scripted carriage with a Teeglepet you rez the carriage and sit on it, then you add the horse to yourself and set it in companion mode and adjust its position so its at the right spot in front of the carriage.

With the included HUD, you have a great deal of control over the look of the carriage, as it includes separate retexturing of everything from the interior of the carriage to the skull decorations. In addition to texturing you can also tint and adjust the glow.

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The matching Midnight Rider harness is available for a selected number of Teeglepets and here you see it on the Friesian. It functions like any other tack in that you rez it and then link it to the horse.  If you prefer not to use the mask or the shin guards, these can be delinked and removed. As with the carriage, it includes a HUD for texturing and tinting. At the moment, I would suggest doing any retexturing before linking it as there was a bug with doing it afterwards, though that is being looked into.

The thick, thorny brambles are a new set by Lore for We Love Role-Play where it is sold at a 20% discount. The pack includes several different shapes and a HUD for customizing the colour of the brambles and of the thorns. Great for creating an unnatural, spooky forest.

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Another look at the carriage, here the coffin seat for the driver can be seen clearly. To look the part, I am wearing the windswept cloak from Mythril and Raven Bell and an all-black outfit from ContraptioN. Seasonally approved, I think.

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Finally, a better look at those spooky eyes from Seydr. There are three versions included with different looks to the iris plus a HUD that offers a lot of customisation options. You can control iris, sclera, shine and animations separately. The Theia Eye System is an extendable system so these eyes will not just work with the HUD included in this pack but with future add-ons as well.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Zora head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: alaskametro Estrella Tone 0
Hair: Truth & Wasabi Rain (Anthem)
Clothes: ContraptioN Webb’s Waistcoat *Bassett* and High-waisted Trousers, Mythril & Raven Bell Windswept Cloak
Accessories:  ContraptioN Jockey Boots
Vehicle: Seydr & En Pointe Midnight Ride (Engine Room)
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Friesian with Nocturne Skies Draconic (The Dog & Pony Show) and Seydr Theia Eye System (The Dog & Pony Show) and Seydr & En Pointe Midnight Rider Harness (The Dog & Pony Show)
Decor: Lore Chonky Brambles - Forest (We Love Role-Play)

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