Fantasy Faire 2023: Operatic

Opera is this year’s grand vision from Alia Baroque, a place of “baroque decadence, whispering curtains, bucolic debauchery”.  So, when I dressed up in a dramatic ensemble combining pieces from Petrichor, Find the Fish and Seydr, it was to Opera I went for a background to fit the mood.

Petrichor released a huge amount of different items for the Faire and here I am using both the Arvylinde dress and the Kyrkonen Veil. The latter kind of makes me think of the Vorlons of Babylon 5 and I love how it, together with the tattoo and the halo from Find the Fish, give a very priestess-like quality to my avatar. Adding an extra touch of magic are the Flayre Eye FX from Seydr, a kind of animated “eyeliner” that curls like smoke under your eyes. Beautiful effect.

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Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Lake head, Mayfly eyes, RVN Store Chic Cheeks & Nose Deformer
Skin: alaskametro Estrella Tone 0
Cosmetics:  Find the Fish The Moon Tattoo Full (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Opera)
Hair: Magika Monarch
Clothes:  Petrichor & Ersch Arvylinde (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Fungalmire)
Accessories:  Petrichor Kyrkonen Veil (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Fungalmire), Seydr Flayre Eye FX (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Szystrum Synod), Find the Fish The Moon Halo (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Opera)
Poses: Musa

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