White Widow

Before sending me this outfit, Chandra Meehan of deviousMind asked if I was up for it, given what I said in my last post about spiders. I assured her that as long as the spiders weren’t animesh and crawling all over me, I would probably be fine. That said, there are a lot of spiders in this outfit! And I am not even wearing all of them here; there are a few more flexi add-ons, some applier layers (with or without blood) and some other hair/head ornaments (with spiders, of course). Additionally, there’s a nice accessory available for the Once Upon a Nightmare hunt.

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Familiar Magic

Every witch needs a familiar—a cat, a raven or maybe a rat? In this case, two of them, a cuddly companion on my shoulder and a cheeky little fellow wandering on my worktable. Both come from Jian’s gacha at the Epiphany, with the shoulder companion being the rare item. Jian has been doing almost exclusively animal gachas or animal sets of late and are a great source for pets and companions. I hope they move into animesh when that is released, that would be really interesting.

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Grey Lady

I might be getting ahead of myself seasonally, but I couldn’t resist a wintry landscape for the very grey-themed look I had created with Lumae’s Elentari skin, Grier from Wasabi and the Fiona dress in grey from lassitude & ennui. As it happened, I had a couple of very nice bargains from Redeux to show off as well, one being the Winter Castle modular set from Mushilu (just L$100!). The other? A lovely pose set from Serendipity.

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