We’ve reached the end of May and with it the end of the World Goth Fair is near; the last day is tomorrow, June 1st. I am saying my dark farewell in a gown by Pale Empress and slithery accessories by House of Rain.

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Sparkling in the Dark

From World Goth Fair comes a bed by bauwerk from 22796, a sexy dress by the Plastik  and slithery shoes by House of Rain, paired with a makeup by elymode from Cosmetics Fair.

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Cold Daggers

Elymode is back. After a long hiatus, Elysium Eilde has returned to Second Life and reopened her store with new clothes, makeup and poses. I am showing one of the new lingerie sets in this post and it comes with a full set of appliers for Slink, Belleza and Omega.

I am also teasing a few releases that will be available at Gothmas by Gaslight when it opens tomorrow. This is where you’ll want to do your holiday shopping if you prefer it with a dark twist.

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Puckish Charm

Fantasy Faire is drawing to a close, so best get cracking to get that last minute shopping do! Although fashion fairs tend to have a significant gender imbalance, with nine sims full of designers, there’s a great deal of items for men who want to jump into the fantasy world. I felt like going green, for my part, as you can see below with these items from De La Soul, Wasabi Pills, Exalted, LaNoire Soleil Designs, and House of Rain. Besides Wasabi Pills, all of these designers are new to me, so that makes it doubly exciting!

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Fantasy Faire: A Last Post

Just a few hours remain of this year’s Fantasy Faire, so hurry over to do your last minute shopping and some final admiring of the lovely sims. There is also the first part of the Key of Hope hunt; I did it earlier today and you may be able to manage in the hours that remain.

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