Fantasy Faire: A Last Post

Just a few hours remain of this year’s Fantasy Faire, so hurry over to do your last minute shopping and some final admiring of the lovely sims. There is also the first part of the Key of Hope hunt; I did it earlier today and you may be able to manage in the hours that remain.

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For my last post, I am visiting the Library. This Dream Scene from Garden of Dreams is a gorgeous build, full of props and poses—including quite a few naughty ones, if that is what you like to get up to in a library. If you already own a Dream Scene bubble before, the Library can be added to your collection of scenes. You can also setup a new bubble or rez the whole build as a stand-alone skybox.

The lamp in the background, however, is not part of the Library; it is one out of a series of dragon-claw furnishings from Rustica. I love the way the lamp shade looks as if it is made out of dragon wings ... hopefully its all artificial! ;)

The Library is available as an RFL donation item for only L$400.

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My final pieces of wearables being showcased is the Rochon gown from FATEwear and the Luxury of Tears necklace and earrings from House of Rain. You can also glimpse the Edenion boots from lassitude & ennui. My skin is the Draziirah skin in Silver from the Plastik and my hair is Ism from Analog Dog in Black Sea.

I would have loved to go into more detail in this post, but I really wanted to get it out before the Faire closes and the clock just passed 3 am here, so I hope you will excuse the sparseness. Besides, a shorter post means you can be off to do that final bit of Faire shopping that much sooner, right?

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