Fantasy Faire: Down in the Underground

You still have a couple of days left to check out the Fantasy Faire! The Faire has in fact been extended with a day and will run through the whole of Monday the 29th of April.

For this post, I sent Ran off to take some photos of himself for once, to show that the Faire is not just for girls. He vent off to the underground caves of the DragonSpire; it seemed like the perfect place for this scaly gentleman to hang out.

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The skin is the male version of the Draco skin from Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods, and judging by the blood on his clothing, I am thinking this reptilian fellow might have made a snack out of a fellow Faire-visitor and taken his outfit…

The blood-stained mesh tunic belongs to Justice, the second male outfit at the Faire from the Muses. It also comes with matching system-layer pants (worn) as well as a mail shirt on a system-layer with mesh sleeves (not worn).

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A close look at the Draco skin; Alia Baroque produces some truly creative fantasy skins for all sorts of creatures, and always for both male and female avatars. The Draco line comes in a large variety of colours with this particular one, Moonlight/Flame, being one of the RFL colours.

The hair is a new release from Amacci called Mason, though that is from the Menswear Fashion Week rather than the Fantasy Faire.

You will find Fallen Gods on Magnificat as the sim sponsor store and the Muses on Crimson Fields.

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