Lounging Laina

The second new skin from Adam n Eve is Laina. I am not showing all her naked pixels since she comes with the same body and in the same tones as Disa, but she definitely has a distinct character to her face. The shape I am using is my new shape for Laina, also available at Adam n Eve, on the second floor of the new shop. Also new is the mesh top from Zaara and the hair from Amacci.

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Paradise Regained

Adam n Eve was one of the first stores that I coveted something from in Second Life. After saving up to buy that first gorgeous ball gown from sachi Vixen, I ended up applying to be staff in the store. Fortunately, they took on my rather newbieish self. The rest is in fact history, since I’ve remained there ever since. As such, I can obviously not claim to be an unbiased consumer, but I would still want to urge any skin lovers out there to give the latest Adam n Eve skins a good look. There are two faces out so far, Disa and Laina, and there are more to come. Today, I am showing you Disa, and if you click through you’re definitely getting to see all of her; I don’t like covering up for skin posts!

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A Golden Cage

This falls squarely into the category of “things only worn in SL”. A metal-grid corset? Owwie. But, it looks fabulous, does it not? Plastik creator Aikeo Reiko suggests that they can be worn over other pieces, but I rather like them worn over nothing at all. There is also an underbust version included, but for these shots I stuck with the overbust. The corsets are currently available at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser.

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