The Blood Wyrm

After the Fantasy Faire, one thing stuck in my head: the dragon (or, more specifically, the wyvern, since we wanted to be able to portray a Targaryen dragon properly) from Prehistorica would be a very neat avatar to have for fantasy photos. But should I wait to see if it would be released as an animesh instead of a bento avatar? I did start with the bento avatar horse from Teegle and I still think it is fantastic, but the animesh horses are easier to use for photos since they do not require me to have an alt on playing the horse. But after inquiring and learning it could be quite a while before any animesh dragons see the light of day, I decided to take the plunge and sent one of Ran’s alts shopping.

For the first outing with our new wyvern, we went to Del-ka Aedilis Laketown build, a whole town in a rezzbox. It is currently available at an introductory promo price for the whole build but the buildings will also be on sale separately soon. I definitely recommend visiting the display build, its beautifully setup. And despite what my pictures might suggest, it escaped the visit by the dragon without any fire damage or crushed roofs.

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The wyvern avatar includes 5 different sizes. For these shots, we’re using the Ancient version, which is the largest and absolutely enormous. Without a human avatar next to it, you can’t quite get a sense of the massive scale, but trust me, it is big. Maybe not quite big enough to swallow a mammoth whole a la Balerion the Black Dread, but definitely impressive.

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The HUD that comes with the wyvern is packed with options for different emotes, actions and way of customising your wyvern. You can also save presets of specific combinations of colours, horns, spines and abilities (for example, controlling if it breathes fire or ice).

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As part of your purchase, you also get access to mod kits and the files needed to create custom textures for the wyvern and for rigging accessories to it. Yes, you can expand on this amazing creature even further, making it truly your own.

But even if you don’t have the ability to do that, this is a stunning avatar that offers so many cool options right out of the box. It may be a bit odd to speak of a “realistic” wyvern, but it really does move and act in very convincing way that fits its looks.

Ultimately, I can’t really do the wyvern justice with just images and text, it has to be seen in the (virtual) flesh. Fortunately, there is a demo available that allows you to test out most of its features. I highly recommend doing so. You can get the demo at the Prehistorica mainstore or at the Marketplace. The Marketplace entry also describes all of its features in detail.

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