Rustic Retreat

The season has definitely changed, it was quite cold when we trained our dog Sunday evening, so what better event to dive into than the Seasons Story? It features new releases by for example Jian and Wasabi Pills. I’ve combined this with a sale find from Sn@tch and a ring with a bite from Eclectica.

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A while ago, Sn@tch started offering copy/mod as well as trans/mod options for their clothing as well as including not just all colours but all mesh sizes in the same package. This had been a major issue for me with Sn@tch clothing since the introduction of mesh, since I often need the versatility of multiple sizes as I switch around shapes a lot. Another issue was that the sizes didn’t work so well with my preferred style of shapes, but fortunately Ivey has also started doing some releases as fitmesh and that works perfectly for my shapes, even when using Slink Physique. Just look at the fit of this little cocktail dress called Emmie—those straps over the back had to work out, there was no alphaing that.

The stockings are called Kat and are crochet stockings by alaskametro for the current anyBODY event. Even with mesh bodies it is not easy to get that kind of pattern to work on the legs, but I think these look very nice.

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I also couldn’t resist picking up this new ring by Eclectica, the Viper ring. It is unisex and comes fitted to the left and right hand, with nine metal textures and nine stone textures available through a menu.

The hair is Wasabi Pills Poppy for the Seasons Story. It is a very charming updo, with soft ringlets framing your face.

Finally, we have Jian’s very charming Aurelia bedroom set for the Seasons Story. It has a bit of a rustic feel and includes art (not seen here), bed (pg and adult), chest, dog bed (also not seen here), leaf decor, mirror, night stand, window decor, with many pieces being texture change. The bed, in particular, offers a lot of options for different colour combinations. I went for this monochrome look in pale, white wood and a few black accents as I thought it went very nicely with the interior of the Moon Rise Cottage by Scarlet Creative.

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