Autumn Wishes

There are few things as pretty as a forest full of autumn leaves and in Second Life that can last more than a brief time, as the leaves stay on the trees until you click the season change to winter. Using a little forest of Studio Skye trees as the backdrop, I setup the Wishing Well from Jian to take a few photos of a lovely Senzafine gown, turned slightly wicked by the ieQED hand jewellery.

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The Lothiriel dress by Senzafine is out now for We Love Role-Play’s October round. The gown is sold in four sets, each with access to four colours with silver or gold trim via a HUD. There is also a separate HUD for recoloring (or turning off) the ribbons on the arms and around the bodice.

Lothiriel is a rich, elaborate gown, for a lady of the court who wants to look her best. Or, in this case, for a seductive witch working her magic in the autumn woods. No doubt there’s a drop of poison on the Talon set by ieQED, another We Love Role-Play release. It can be worn as a whole set (it comes pre-configured for the most common mesh hands in various sizes) or in smaller batches. A HUD gives access to the usual ieQED metal colours and different jewels.

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The hair is a recent release by Wasabi Pills called Phoebe, which features a thick fall of hair down the back and falling forward over each shoulder.

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The Wishing Well, finally, is yet another We Love Role-Play release. Its beautifully rustic and makes great use of materials. It is also scripted to integrate with the Jian Foliage system, so if you change your Jian trees to fall, you can have the well change with them.

I may just have to do some sim reorganising yet again, to set aside an area for an autumnal feeling. I’ve got winter and summer covered, but autumn is too pretty to leave out.

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