On the Road

Journeying alone, she keeps to the less known roads, always with her bow and arrows within easy reach on her horse. The slight, elegant mare is a little too fine to pass as a common traveller’s horse and her own garb might also arouse too much interest. On this evening, she passes near the eastern shore of the peninsula. Some distance out into the water, a pair of houses on tall stilts are visible, their lights beckoning in an inviting fashion.

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The Traveler’s Tack Set is a new Teegle release at Enchantment’s Witcher-themed round, a very well-equiped tack set with a large amount of possible colour combinations. It is available for all Teegle breeds except the foal and the skeleton, including the massive new Belgian horse which is another new release at Enchantment.

The land is built up using the large islands from Fanatik’s Land Shapes package.

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Also at Enchantment is this coat by Old Treasures which comes with and without the sleeves. There is also a pair of pants to go with it but I opted for BoM leggings instead to make it easy to wear boots.

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The two houses are part of Del-ka Aedilis Laketown build and until August 30th they are available at Redeux. House Bard is a two-story house with a pier where a boat could be docked. House Girion is also two stories but the lower floor is more of a work or storage space than living quarters.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Maya, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Tuli Tanya
Hair: Truth Serenity
Clothes: Old Treasures Child of Destiny Jacket Black (Enchantment), Stitched Leather Leggings Black
Accessories: lassitude & ennui Tribute Boots Black
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Connemara with Traveler’s Tack Set (Enchantment)
Decor: Fanatik Land Shapes, Del-ka Aedilis Laketown Series: House Bard and Laketown Series: House Girion (Redeux)

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