Hunting a Myth

Les Encantades has a lovely set with a tunic, pants and shoes (each sold separately) out at We Love Role-Play and to me they suggested a hunter, especially in the Olive green version with brown accents. I found the shoes a little modern-looking so I wore a pair of boots from Senzafine instead and because the pants end a little below the knee that worked pretty well. The set is available for a wide range of bodies, including Slink Physique, which always makes me very happy. There are also alphas included, something I wish more creators did these days. After all, BOM was supposed to be the end of alpha cuts on the bodies, but sadly not all body makers have gone that route.

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My huntress found some game she was not expecting, in the shape of the beautiful unicorn Teeglepet. I also prettied up my unicorn a little extra with the Chantilly Rose Drape from Mythril. The unicorn poses are also from Mythril whereas my first pose (and the bow) is from HopScotch.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Maya, FATE Oculi
Skin: alaskametro T3W Lydia Tone 0
Hair: Analog Dog Abalone Light Red
Clothes: Les Encantades Devana Tunic and Pants Olive (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Senzafine Telcontar Boots
Poses: HopScotch The Huntress
Critters: Teegle Teeglepet Unicorn with Mythril Chantilly Rose Drape and Poses: Glamour, Jian Arctic Foxes

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