Hidden in the Desert

I have tried swearing off gachas more than once, but sometimes a release crops up that is just too tempting. Such was the case when I saw the previews for Ane‘s Moroccan Market gacha for The Chapter Four. Fortunately, I managed to get enough pieces to put together the build (alas, still missing the filler walls) without spending too much, giving me a nice backdrop for some photos.

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The Xora dress by Senzafine for The Fantasy Collective (still open for a few more days) is available in four HUD-driven colour packs for L$350 each. It is spired by the Qartheen gowns of A Song of Ice and Fire and I absolutely love the pattern and the vibrant colours.

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I really like how the shadows created by the palm tree look in this shot.

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A better look at the Moroccan Market, showing most of the pieces from the gacha, though there are additional walls and variants of the houses as well.

The jewellery is the head chain, earrings and nose ring from ieQED’s Indrani set, to go with the vaguely eastern theme of the look. The hair is Truth’s Josella, this time in black, and the skin is Jalwa’s Sameena in Coriander. The henna tattoos are also by Jalwa.

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