Battlefield Babe

Its We Love Role-Play time again and I am a Bikini Battlefield Babe courtesy of Aisling’s and PXL’s new event releases, as well as a new hair from Truth.

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The Bikini Battlefield Babe outfit from Aisling is pure Sword & Sorcery, with a tiny metal thong, a plate bra, gorget and impressive upper and lower arm protection. There are three metal colours to choose from, all quite subtle and realistic variations, and the set makes excellent use of materials for a really nice metal look.

The boots are the dead-sexy laced up fitmesh leather boots called Thylacine from lassitude & ennui.

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The skin is another mini set from PXL for WLRP, this time using the Aeryn skin in Pale as the base for the new makeups. I picked a rather clean makeup option here, that seemed most appropriate for a battlefield babe, even when in a bikini.

I really like the new Josette hair from Truth. Its a beautiful mass of locks on one side, with just a few locks over one shoulder. The style can be worn either with or without side-swept bangs. The sword is an oldie but goodie from Tekeli-li.

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