Hay Fever

Artisan Fantasy releases a lot of high-quality props and furnishings, often with some kind of roleplay market in mind. For ROMP, they have released a large set of barn/stable themed pose props, as well as a few pieces of atmospheric add-ons, as the Stony Hollow collection. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a bit of a roll in the hay, so to speak. Which means, yes, this is most definitely another NSFW post.

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The Stony Hollow collection consists of three main parts: the plank backdrop (seen in this photo), the hay floor kit (not seen here) and the paddock collection of pose props.

In this shot, we see the hitching post, which comes in three versions: as a static prop with no animations, with solo and cuddle animations and with all of this plus adult animations. The sex poses include some poses with a BDSM theme but there are also other types of adult animations.

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The paddock collection also includes a saddle as either a static or adult version. In the background, the hay floor kit can be seen filling out the outer stalls of the Down on the Ranch barn from Jian.

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The hay bales come both as a single hay bale (static or solo) and as a pile of bales (static, cuddles, adult). These have a particularly nice mix of animations, with several variations within each category.

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The final item in the paddock collection is the paddock pleasure sybian, which offers both solo and couple adult poses.

The overall collection is very high quality, both in terms of modelling and texturing and in terms of the choice of animations. Quite a few of them look as if they were made for the items in question and if that is not the case, props and animations were certainly fitted very well to each other. There is a lot of nice variety to the poses, and while there’s more when it comes to the adult poses, there are certainly nice solo and cuddle poses included too. The hitching post and hay bales, in particular, would make nice decorations for any stable.

I am wearing Tuli’s Willow skin in Tone 4, the Faith hair from Wasabi Pills and ieQED’s Oakley harness, panties and nipple rings. Ran is wearing an Abyss skin, a hair from Exile and clothes from FATEwear.

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