Good Pixels

I’ve been doing a lot of fantasy looks of late, but the latest One Bad Pixel release as well as a new furniture set from HANDverk for The Men’s Department obviously lent itself to something very different. With it, I also have another preview of the Skin Fair, this time in the form of a new Tuli skin.

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One Bad Pixel has been quiet for a while, but they’ve made up for that with a large, varied release that includes a sexy dress, shorts, jeans and the blouse and sweater combination seen here (together with one of the short options). Both the modelling and the texturing is, as usual from this brand, top notch. I particularly love the attention to detail around the narrow belt in terms of the shaping of the sweater; its very realistic.

For The Men’s Department for March, HANDverk has created this stylish set of modern furniture where the chair is inspired by one designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen. It includes 9 animations and its land impact is only 2.

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The Elyse skin from Tuli will be available on the 15th of March when the Skin Fair opens. Elyse comes in the same three tones as Tuli’s previous skins since the relaunch of her store and includes four different brow colours, dimples and cleavage options. The makeups are divided into Elementary and Sultry collections and they also include a large number of tattoo layer lipsticks.

I found that Elyse suited a range of my shapes, but I particularly liked her on a shape with stronger features which the shading seemed to complement very nicely. There’s a subtle maturity to her, I think, which appeals quite a bit to me. The lip shape, especially, seems versatile and not too youthful or pouty.

My hair is another recent release from Wasabi Pills called Julia. We are definitely getting some nice mesh curls from Wasabi Pills now and I hope to see more of these.

One Bad Pixel’s new releases are in store already, as is the hair from Wasabi Pills. For HANDverk’s release you need to head over to The Men’s Department and for Tuli’s skin you will need to wait a few more days. But it is definitely worth it.

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