Desert Decorations

The colourful Sonika gown from Apsara was a Fantasy Faire release, but since I did not have time to blog it during the Faire week, you’re getting a look at it now instead. We’ve done a little more work on the Dorne-inspired corner of our sim and I thought this dress would fit right in.

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The Sonika gown, here in the Red/Gold combination, has a really nice, deep neckline combined with a narrow waist marked by a broad sash. Its very feminine, I think, and as always with Apsara the patterns are very eye-catching. I quite like how the skirt goes from patterned to two solid colours halfway down, it makes for a very nice contrast.

Another Fantasy Faire release I did not have time to cover during the Faire is the Lys Circlet from The Plastik. I love the textures of the stone for the circlet, there are some really stunning colours to be had.

My hair is Roos from Mina, which is her in-store release for Enchantment (meaning it will include one of the stamp cards you need to get a prize at the special prize location). I love the subtle highlights that materials on a hair can add.

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This post started with a non-wearable, however. I have been looking for a nice olive tree for the sim for a while and Studio Skye has just released this gorgeous mesh olive tree. This is an ancient tree, with a thick trunk and gnarled branches, and the quality is (of course) top notch. I also really love that the sizing is quite realistic, so that it does not tower over my avatar.

I am back in a bit of a landscaping mood, so you may see more posts like this soon enough. I just have to restrain myself from buying up the whole of Studio Skye’s inventory!

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