The first round of We Love Role-Play for the new year comes with some serious attitude courtesy of brands such as lassitude & ennui, Eudora 3D and Calico. It made be grab a trusted spear from Tekeli-li and set out to conquer some new land, which I happened to find among the sims of the Arcipelagus of Fallen Gods Inc such asAnnon and Athan Selidor.

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The Melora hair from Calico is an elaborate style with a really nice updo part plus a nice fall of hair down the back. The smooth, tidy front is perfect for pairing with head accessories like this crown from ieQED (and the pauldrons are from there, too). I love the new colour HUDs from Calico too; she’s combined more colours into each HUD, making switching around and looking for your favourite shade much easier. Plus it is great value for money.

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The Arica set (top, corset, skirt) from Eudora 3D, here seen in Bordeaux, is a stunning piece of mesh with superb modelling and texturing. I love that it is in several pieces and overall it worked quite well on my Physique body (though the shoulder blade area is almost always an issue). I would not have minded a bit less curve in the hips, though, since that isn’t really a shape I like, but it works pretty well thanks to the skirt.

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Finally, the Thylacine boots from lassitude & ennui are simply amazing. They come both as fitted mesh for the regular avatar and fitted mesh for Physique and they look seriously awesome on. I keep thinking Jackal has released the best possible roleplay style boots and then something even better comes out. But topping these will be very tricky.

My skin is Shirin from DeeTalez in the MixedType tone and I am using a mix of poses from !Bang and Musa.

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