Winter Ruins

It is the 4th of the month, so We Love Role-Play is almost ready to open (the start time is 3 pm SLT). The previews are looking great and fortunately I’ve got my hands on some of my favourite releases already, such as this beautiful gown and cape combination from Luminary. My hair is also perfect for a fantasy/roleplay style, but it is a new mainstore release at EMO-tions rather than an event release.

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The Ione gown features a fitted bodice with a square neckline and fitted sleeves that are puffed and slashed at the elbows. Spot on for a medieval look (and those are also clothing details mentioned quite a bit in A Song of Ice and Fire). The long cape makes for a very nice silhouette and really sets the gown apart. There are five colours to choose from, each with the gold-brocade accent, and the Gold and the Green are available at the event at 50% off. That’s quite a steal.

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The long braid draped over one shoulder is the Michaela style from EMO-tions. There’s also a variant called Michaela 2 which has the hair pinned back more from the face and that was the style I had intended to buy, oops. Fortunately, I find both of them very nice, so it didn’t really matter! Both are great styles for any fantasy/roleplay look and its particularly nice not to have it down your back and intersecting with gowns (or capes).

The torc necklace is from lassitude & ennui and comes in gold, silver and black and with dragon or raven heads. The skin is Pixie from the Skin Shop and the poses are from oOo Studios.

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