Claiming the Sword

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened for another round. The theme is “medieval materials” and this has produced some pretty nifty gacha sets. One of my favourites is absolutely Culprit’s Camelot gacha, which I am hoping to get a lot of mileage out of…if I could only land a few more pieces. But I did get just what I needed for this shot, at least.

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The Camelot gacha consists of four types of commons—battle swords, battle shields, battle standards and this sword, the destiny sword—and the rare warhorse. Each item comes in one of four colours, so there’s a total of sixteen commons and four rares. The destiny sword comes with this classic pose of preparing to pull the sword from the stone, the other commons also have poses and these will work together with the riding animation for the warhorse. A superb set and I am hoping to see more varieties of riding horses and also horses for rezzing around your property from Culprit.

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The very bad-ass armour that I’ve got on is from Noble Creations for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. This is the rare pieces from the Dragon Warrior set, but the commons look very cool as well, especially the black set. The torso armour and the skirt are fitted mesh and come in three sizes.

If you look closely at my skin, you will notice scars both on the body and the face. This is the Battle Hardened Veya skin from the Plastik, available in three different tones at We Love Role-Play. As always with the Plastik the skins include appliers for a huge range of mesh parts, including heads. They are also available in a male version as well.

I am also using the HEXtraordinary Druids Temple Ruins again (also from WLRP) and the Thyra hair from Wasabi Pills.

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