Horse Fanatik

I am completely enamoured with buying accessories for my Teeglepets right now. There are so many cool add-ons! Like this fabulous Norse Gods tack set from Jinx, newly adapted for the Clydesdale, and of course the Luxury mane and tail (also for the Clydesdale) from Mythril. I wanted to do a real sword & sorcery photo with my extra fancy Clydesdale, so I dressed the part using a set from lassitude & ennui and setup a background using the Stalker Castle from Fanatik as well as rocks from their 2018 collection. Speaking of Fanatik, don’t miss their sale! Up to 50% on many items and it ends tomorrow.

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My Lady’s Favour

Thanks to a bout of norovirus last week that I am still not feeling recovered from, I have an even bigger pile of pretty things to show off than usual. My apologies to anyone that I owe a post! I did manage to put together a little scene today, though I fear I may be less verbose than usual as I have a couple of reviews to write for Westeros.org for our Game of Thrones-coverage. But enough of the excuses and on to a pair of very cool sets from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and a beautiful gown from We Love Role-Play.

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Claiming the Sword

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened for another round. The theme is “medieval materials” and this has produced some pretty nifty gacha sets. One of my favourites is absolutely Culprit’s Camelot gacha, which I am hoping to get a lot of mileage out of…if I could only land a few more pieces. But I did get just what I needed for this shot, at least.

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Hippoi Athanatoi

I am mad for horses. Always have been and always will be. I am also mad for folklore, legends, mythology and all of that stuff (that’s where my obsession with fantasy started out). So, when I had my big myth phase as a child, I loved the stories with horses in the very best. Eight-legged Sleipnir, winged Pegasus born from blood and sea foam and of course Xanthos and Balios, the fabulous horses of Achilles who were the offspring of a harpy and the west wind. Greek mythology even has a collective name for the various wondrous horses that appear in the stories; they call them the “hippoi athanatoi”, the immortal horses. Hence, the name of our website.

As for this post…well, the Nike crown and wings from ieQED for The Gathering gave me an idea to play around a bit more with the Immortals gacha from Culprit.

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The Enchantment is about to fade away. At the end of this weekend, the Bluebeard round will close and the special prizes that you can get by buying a qualifying product and filling it with stamps from all the participating stores will be gone for good. You can see all the prizes on Enchantment’s website and I am featuring two of them in this post, from the Muses and Frogstar.

The cage prop is also a limited deal from Culprit for this round of the Neighbourhood.

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Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Alright, alright, Despite my earlier protests, it would appear I have been bitten by the gatcha bug. And for once, I’ve had a bit of a luck: at the March round of the Arcade I managed to win one of the rare carousels from Culprit. Normally, pink isn’t my thing (though I’ve started to change my mind of late) but when you have a carousel with unicorns and one is pink with hearts on…well, you don’t have much choice, do you? And, as it happened, this gave me the perfect use for the adorable Monoceros Constellation Tattoo from Silentsparrow for the current round of Collaborr88.

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