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The large inn lay furthest out on the peninsula and served travellers coming both by land and sea. The dusky interior was cheerfully lit by torches and by the smile of the tavernkeep’s daughter.

There are so many new releases that I absolutely adore in this post. First, make certain not to miss the Spring Edition of the Asha hair from Wasabi, out for 50 Linden Friday. This is my favourite braid in Second Life and it is so pretty with the flowers. I had already decided on wearing Asha for this post and then the special edition came out and made the look even better, its so sweet together with the lovely Emma gown by Les Encantades, a new release for We Love Role-Play. The dress can be worn with or without the embroidered corset and the fullpack you can mix and match the colours.

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To decorate the interior of the inn, at least the part you see here, I used the Medieval Tavern Furniture from Lorien (that’s the cabinet up against the wall) and the Rustic Market Table & Stool set as well as the Wine Barrel and Goblets Vendor from Laminak. The stool has a nice set of poses and the vendor gives out drinking goblets with a holding animation.

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I am sure I will be showing you more of the interior of the inn later on. As the exterior shows, it is a fairly sizeable building, with a perfect style for late medieval and onwards look. Inside there’s three rooms on the first floor, one well suited to a common room and one for a kitchen, and upstairs are two rooms that can serve as bedrooms.

Outside, I have mixed the Poplar that I’ve already shown before with the Nordic Pine, both new releases from Fanatik. The pine trees are also very nicely made and make it easy to add a selection of trees to a scene like this.

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What inn is complete without at least a hitching post outside? A perfect excuse for me to finally sneak my mule from Teegle into the blog; I’ve had her for months but not managed to get together the right sort of blog. The pack saddle was released at the same time and looks great for all kinds of travel roleplay.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Erin head, Mayfly eyes, RVN Store Chic Cheeks (Level Event)
Skin: DeeTaleZ Salma MixedType
Hair: Wasabi Asha Spring Edition (50 Linden Friday)
Clothes: Les Encantades Emma (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Del-ka Aedilis Terra Sigillata Wine Tray
Decor: Cosmos The Hot Pot Tavern/Inn (We Love Role-Play), Lorien Medieval Tavern Furniture (We Love Role-Play), Laminak Rustic Market Table & Stool set as well as the Wine Barrel and Goblets Vendor (We Love Role-Play), Fanatik Nordic Pine
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Mule with Teegle Pack Saddle

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