Another day, another portrait between (re)packing our bags for Monday. Chronologically, this one fits in before the previous portrait, as Barba Bracken preceded Melissa Blackwood as a mistress. The Brackens are described as a bit stocky and I imagine Barba as pretty but less fineboned than Missy. I thought the Logo Bella head (with its matching skin) might suit that. I also opted for a more casual hairstyle for her vivacious personality. As Barba was particularly known for being buxom, I picked a gown from Faida and Velvet Whip that highlights this very well. The dragon egg necklace would obviously be a present from King Aegon, perhaps as he learned she was pregnant.

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Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, Logo Bella, Logo eyes
Skin: Logo Bella Alabaster
Hair: Stealthic Clarity
Clothes: Faida & Velvet Whip Oops Kerah Garnet
Decor: Lux Aeterna Feast for a King Gacha (Solstice Supper Hall),  Libertine Gianicolo bench

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