Guide to Jewelry Fair 2011

As seen by Freyja’s posts these last days, Jewelry Fair 2011 is in full swing. As usual there are many sims (four in total) and many, many stores to visit! Below you’ll find a guide to where all the shops are, and a few thoughts on the design of the sims, as well as on the charitable efforts of the fair organizers and participating designers.

This year’s theme is the elements, and each of the four sims are inspired by one of the four elements. The organizers for the Fair have done a fine job keeping everyone informed about who’s participating and listing all the participants, but I thought it might be helpful to point out which stores can be found on each sim. See below for a full, detailed list—with SLURLs (either to distinct sections of the sims which are easily navigable, or with individual store sims in those cases where there’s no straightforward navigation).

I hope the above list of shops and SLURLs is helpful to fair-goers, not least as a way to ease getting around to all the amazing shops and jewelry on display (as well as poses and sculpt maps), and thereby contributing in a way that both helps and encourages SL designers and gives a bit of something to a worthy cause. So, please, shop often and support Jewelry Fair 2011, the participating designers, and Oxfam International!

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