Mirror, Mirror Once More

Second Life has finally launched mirrors, PBR terrain and 2K textures. I am excited about all of these improvements, but especially mirrors. As it happened, I was working on setting up for a video to show some of Dutchie’s latest releases when this news dropped and Firestorm quickly got out a beta version that supported these changes.  That made it very easy to slip in a brand new (not yet released) version of Dutchie’s vanity, updated to use true mirrors rather than the reflection probe work-around that became possible with the initial launch of PBR. So, you get a video of me preening in front of the mirror, with some bonus looks at the gorgeous use of PBR materials on these pieces. I also want to remind everyone of Hair Fair which runs until the 16th of June and where you can get the cool style-changing hair from No.Match that I am using in the video.

Click for full-sized image


Body Parts:  Maitreya Lara body, LeLutka Lake head
Skin: alaskametro Angel Tone 04
Hair: No.Match No_Vanity (Hair Fair 2024 - Foils)
Clothes: Salt & Pepper Spa Towel Body Sand
Decor: Dutchie Tile Wall Panels, Bathroom Sink Vanity PG with new pbr mirror, Scale, Toilet, Bidet,

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