My Fair Vanity

For Valentine’s Day, Dutchie sent out a lovely vanity for her subscribers. It features the usual well-selected animations and impeccable mesh and textures, as well as a bonus feature: mirrors using PBR. Now, the included notecard explains that using PBR for mirrors is still in its early stages and still has a lot of issues, but of the implementations I have tried, Dutchie’s is the best I have seen and it really does add something to the room to have a mirror. Because of this, I made a short video showing a couple of the animations and what the mirror effect looks like. Note, I misspoke a little in the video; there’s several (10, in fact) couple animations under the Kiss menu. And if you like the look of this vanity, there will be an adult version coming as well, with an option for subscribers to get a L$1000 rebate. I also did not explore the texture options for the vanity since it fit so well into the look of Dutchie’s Waterland house out of the box.

Also worn in the video is a new Truth Collective hair and a sexy new Petrichor release (just Petrichor, not a collaboration this time as I think I may have said in the video). For additional credits and links, look below the video.

Click for full-sized image


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara X body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Zora head, Mayfly eyes, RVN Store Hawknose Add-on Ultralight
Skin: alaskametro Karma Tone 4
Hair:  Truth & Wasabi Elira (Kustom9)
Clothes: alaskametro Freyja Lace Bodysuit
Accessories: Petrichor Voryne Doubleband Cuffs Kinky (Kinky Event)
Decor: Dutchie Bathroom Sink Vanity PG with experimental PBR mirror, Iron Bed, Bombe Chest with decor, Traditional floor lamp, Waterland House

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