Black Knight

There are amazing treats on offer at the current round of Midnight Order for those with a taste for knights and armor. And who doesn’t have a taste for that? Static completes their gorgeous Order series with the Crowned Coif, adding to the previous releases of Chainmail Cuirass, Sabatons and Gauntlets, all with both male and female fits included. And as a perfect match for that set, Teegle has released a fantastic new armour set for all their Teeglepets. I had a hard time deciding which horse to get it for, but the Pegasus won out in the end as it makes for such a great baroque horse when you remove or hide the wings. I then opted for the darkest version of the Static set and a black and red mix for the horse armour, so that I could appear at the gates of my winter village as a foreboding black knight.

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Outfit: Static Order Crowned Coif (Midnight Order), Order Chainmail Cuirass, Order Sabatons and Order Gauntlets
Horse: Teegle Teeglepet Pegasus with Teegle Warrior Armor Set (Midnight Order) and Mythril poses
Decor:  Fanatik Wood Works Light

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