Fire Spirit

Mixing it up with a bit of We Love Role-Play and a bit of Skin Fair. The impressive horns by Vae Victis and the altar by the Eschaton belong to the former and create a nice Sword & Sorcery feel for the scene.  The horns can be extensively customized, here I am not showing the drape or the pendulum accessories.  The altar set also includes a dais that isn’t visible in this closer shot.

From Skin Fair comes the beautiful skin from Petrichor. Amatheia Summer, here in the Korianal version, includes both a full skin and a tattoo overlay to use with other skins. It also has options for either a regular BOM face or an EvoX face, something which I very much appreciate given that I still have some non-EvoX heads that I like to use. That said, this is the EvoX face and it is very pretty! The skin includes a female as well as a male version.

I featured the Prima body a while back, but for Skin Fair it has been updated to 1.2 and if you already had the Elite version that means you get the two new breast shapes for free if you redeliver.

Finally, we have a sleek new hairstyle from Wasabi for Access, with four different style options to how it frames the face.

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Body Parts:  Prima Femme Elite body (Skin Fair), LeLutka Lake head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: Petrichor Amatheia Summer - Korianal (Skin Fair)
Hair: Wasabi Wan (Access)
Accessories: Vae Victis Ahriman - Draped Horns (We Love Role-Play)
Decor:  The Eschaton Altar of the Spider Queen (We Love Role-Play)
Pose:  Musa Linetta Fairy Set

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