With a little (okay, a lot) of help from Del-ka Aedilis, I have started piecing together a little Renaissance-inspired household. The building used is the Townhouse Isabella from the Medici series, an elegant two-story house with beautiful stonework on the outside and different wall colours and floor textures for the various rooms. In one of the rooms, I placed the Atticus closet, the Agrippa storage chest and the Livia cabinet. There are several versions of each piece—plain, Roman ornaments and Medieval ornaments—as well as several wood colour options. Additionally, the storage chest (which can be either open or closed) comes in one empty and two filled versions, with different folded outfits in each.

To fit into the scene, I picked the Raphaelle Gown from Senzafine and the elegant Costanza d’Altavilla hair from F&M Oblivion. The necklace was a gift from Old Treasures at the last Shop & Hop.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Logo Chelsea, Logo eyes
Skin: Logo Bella Alabaster
Hair: F&M Oblivion Costanza D’Altavilla
Clothes:  Senzafine Raphaelle
Accessories: Old Treasures Olivia Necklace
Decor: Del-ka Aedilis Ancient Closet Atticus Dark, Storage Chest Agrippa Wood Dark Lilly Filled 1, Small Cabinet Livia Dark Ornament Front

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