Fantasy Faire: Forging a Friend

He laboured long and hard, employing both muscle and magic to forge a wondrous horse like no one had ever seen before. When he finally finished, wheels turned within it and a strange flow of red energy flowed amongst its iron limbs, bringing it to life.

One of the best parts of Fantasy Faire for the last few years has been the reveal of the new Teeglepet. I love my “mortal” pixel horses, but the fantastical ones are extra special. This year is no exception as Teegle brings us Aurum, the Mech horse. I love the way this one is put together, with glowing tubes and spinning cog wheels. Depending on the texture and accent colours you pick, you can capture Steampunk, Cyberpunk, etc. The skin I am showing is not the default but a really cool aged metal skin from Mythril which also happens to be an RFL donation item. The poses I am using for the horse are also by Mythril.

Aurum is also equipped with a new beta Teeglepet update that contains quite a few fixes and addons, two of which I really like the sound of:

—Horses can now have a hovertext name shorter than their object name by using “double quotes”: for example, a horse named “Tapple Gao” Patchy Blue (Shetland Stripped 2.6.69) will have name hovertext of “Tapple Gao”.

—Added driver permission mode “Group”. Only allows people wearing the right group tag to ride the horse.

Click for full-sized image

My magician blacksmith is wearing robes by Viki, a Fehu rune facial paint by Brynn’s BoM-Squad (available both for the SLUV and EvoX) and the male version of Shiloh from Wasabi. I love the way the rune is done, it has a very raw and painted look that feels very realistic.

The anvil with animations is by Artisan Antiques and features animations for both male and female avatars.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique male body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Logan head, LeLutka eyes
Skin:  Nexus Icon Body and Theo Face Tone 2
Cosmetics: Brynn’s BoM-Squad Elder Futhark - Fehu - Black (Fantasy Faire - Broc√©liande)
Hair:  Wasabi Shiloh (Fantasy Faire - Opet)
Clothes: Viki Azaroth (Fantasy Faire - Necturn Moon)
Accessories:  Old Treasures Gem Necklace Silver (Fantasy Faire - Bassett Town)
Companion:  Teegle Teeglepet Mech Horse (Fantasy Faire - Bassett Town) with Mythril Antiqua Aged Metal Skin (Fantasy Faire - Sylvusaleh) and Mythril Store Poses
Decor: Artisan Antiques Blacksmith’s Anvil (Fantasy Faire - Necturn Moon), Fanatik Castle Builder and Petra House

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